This is widely used in the electrical, electronic, telecommunication and allied industry. The panels are indoor type synchronizing and load sharing panels that are fully compartmentalized and desk type construction.

We use premium electrical components such as aluminum / copper bus bar, insulator, wires / cables, PVC channels transformer, SMPS, meters and switches for manufacturing these panels.

Synchronizing & precise KW Load sharing in-built protections for engine, generators & Mains like over current, overload, earth fault, Reverse power, over/under voltage, low oil pressure, high water temp, over speed & SYNC CHECK, AMF, etc. GRID paralleling is possible with import / export control PLC for system logic configurable input / output as per requirement.

Some of the Salient Features :
• High Performance
• Easy Operations
• Easy to Install
• Less cost of Maintenance
• Sturdy frame
• Longer Life
• Easy Installation